Last Blog Post for

This blog has been live since 2012!  So many great successes to share.  Successes of students, faculty, staff and administrators.  Celebrations of learning and growing, and helping others to learn and grow.

It has been my honor to share these joys with all of the Harold Washington College Community and to external colleagues and friends as well.

This will be the last post as I am leaving HWC today.  However, I’ll keep the blog up in case you want to look back at the memories and feel proud of our colleagues!

— President Margie Martyn
August 11, 2017

Daniel Dantes WILL ATTEND Columbia University this Fall 2017

Daniel Dantes, HWC Alumnus learned today that he has earned a PALS scholarship from Columbia University!  This means that his $65,000 tuition is covered – he has a full ride!!!!  Congratulations Daniel Dantes!  You earned it!

Big thanks to Director of Transfer – Ellen Goldberg — her contacts with Columbia University and her advocacy of our HWC students makes a HUGE difference in getting our students to their “second” dream school as Ellen would say (YES – HWC is their first dream school)!

— President Margie Martyn

HWC Alumnus – Daniel Dantes Needs our Support!

HWC Alumnus Daniel Dantes needs our support!  He has been accepted to Columbia University in New York City, but he the tuition is really high!

Can you help out?

Dan is a great role model, and is the first in his family to complete his associate’s degree!  He is going to change the world.  Help him get to Columbia University!

— President Margie Martyn

Updates on Alumnus Kristine Romich

It’s been a few months since Kristine Romich graduated, but I wanted to take a moment to update the HWC community on what she has been doing this summer.  She is finishing up a ten-week internship at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center outside Washington, D.C., where she has been studying the outer atmosphere of the Sun.  Kristine has been blogging about her experiences through the Society of Physics Students’ website — here is a link to her most recent post, from which you can access the others.

Along with 11 other Goddard interns, she was recently awarded the John Mather Nobel Scholarship, a $3,000 professional travel grant funded by John Mather, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics.  Dr. Mather works here at Goddard, and she’s been able to know him personally.

In the fall, she will be starting at California State University – Northridge, where she will be on track to complete a Master’s in Physics in three years.

Kristine shared that  she is so proud to represent HWC in all her endeavors!  Kudos Kristine, you make HWC proud!

— President Margie Martyn

Professor Shoenberger on WGN!

Professor Caroline Shoenberger was on WGN and spoke of immigration issues, The Chicago Legal Clinic, and students’ needs at Harold Washington College.

Thank you Professor Shoenberger for assisting our students at HWC!

Watch the segment here

Professor Caroline Shoenberger – Chicago Legal Clinic and and CanTV

Thank you so much Professor Caroline Shoenberger, faculty member in the Business Department, and lead for the Chicago Legal Clinic at Harold Washington College, for inviting me on to her show on Wednesday, July 19, 2017.

She invited me to her show on CanTv to talk about our programs at Harold Washington College and City Colleges of Chicago, the STAR Scholarship, and the Big Splash Open House that is scheduled for July 27, 2017 at Harold Washington College.

Watch the video here

HWC Herald Managing Editor Featured in Southside Weekly

Thank you Professor Molly Turner, Faculty Adviser for the Harold Washington College student newspaper, The Hearld, who shared this great story with me. David Struett, Managing Editor for the The Herald, had a story, featured in South Side Weekly “ParkWorks May Not Work for Pilsen”, on July 18, 2017. Congratulations David – great work!

Read the whole story here