Fall 2016 Semester begins Monday, August 29, 2016 – In the HOME Stretch!

Greetings HWC Community,

Fall 2016 Semester begins on Monday, August 29, 2016.  We are in the home stretch!

This past week, our Faculty had a great Faculty Development Week where they discussed plans for this upcoming years, best practices in teaching and learning, and collaborated with colleagues in their discipline and departmental meetings.  Thank you Professor Kristen Bivens and Professor Kamran Swanson for their leadership in the Center for the Arts and Science of Teaching and their work to prepare for HWC’s FDW.  Along with our Full-time Faculty, many part-time faculty attended many of the sessions during the week and also the part-time faculty orientation on Wednesday. Thank you to AD Cindy Cerrentano for her leadership with our part-time faculty.

Many of our faculty and staff are here on campus today, Saturday August 20th to help students to orient to our College and to enroll in Fall Classes. Monday, August 22 is the last day for students to enroll in the 16-week session.

Monday, August 22 marks the beginning of our Phoenix Week. Thank you to our new Director of Student Activities, Angela Guernica, and our Student Government Association led by Kevin Woo.   On August 22, we will kick off Phoenix week with a 16 Week Wrap-up session from 9:00-5:00, a Resource Fair from 11:30-1:00 and a Crunch and Much from 1:00-2:00.  Click here to view all of the Phoenix week events.  Also keep an eye out for our Phoenix!


Please remember to send me your updates about recent successes of faculty, staff students and alumni.  I love sharing them with our community on the blog at https://hwcollege.wordpress.com/

Thank you HWC Community for everything you do to help our students succeed!

President Margie Martyn

Bridges to Baccalaureate Program – CCC Student Scholars and Faculty Fellows

Dr. Farah Movahedzadeh, HWC Biology Faculty member, was selected as a Faculty Fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This summer, she mentored Micahel Ndichuck, from Harry S. Truman College.  Their research was titled, “Point Mutagenesis in the active site of Fructose -1, 6-bisphosphatase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.”    The symposium was on August 17, 2016 in the Molecular Biology Research Building.

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Welcome New HWC Students

Director of Student Activities, Angela Guernica, working with the Student Services Team and Student Government Association, has developed a fantastic set of events for Phoenix Week (August 22-26) and Welcome Week (September 6-9).  Please spread the word and plan on attending!

Phoenix Days

Welcome Week

HWC Alumnus is Published!

Former student of Dr. Thomas Higgins, Ms. Tatiana Betancur, just completed a research paper at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  The paper was entitled, Response to brain injury in the hypoxia-tolerant naked mole-rat. The paper can be read here. Ms. Betancur plans to come back to HWC this semester and present her work to the STEM Club. Congratulations Tatiana!

HWC Faculty and Students Publish

Eric Egli former student of Harold Washington College, along with his Professors Farah Movahedzadeh, Elisabeth Greer, and Marcus (Todd) Heldt published a paper on Exploring Students’ Attitudes and Insight toward the Changing Face of AIDS in IJRDO-Journal of Educational Research, Volume-1 | Issue-4 | July,2016 | Paper-2. The paper can be found here. What a great collaboration across many departments: Biology, English, and the Library faculty!

In the acknowledgements the authors noted:
We would like to acknowledge all of the individuals who provided support for this work: SENCER for the subaward from DUE/NSF, grant no. 0717407, and all the students from Harold Washington College who participated in the survey. We would also like to thank Dr. Farrokh Asadi for sharing with us his idea about the creation of an HIV/AIDS Educational Journal Club.

Faculty Development Week begins on August 15, 2016

I am thrilled to welcome faculty back next week!

The District-Wide FDW is held at MX on Monday, August 15, 2016.  More information can be found CCC FDW 2016:

HWC’s FDW starts on Tuesday, August 16, 2016.  More information can be found HWC FDW 2016:

Thanks to Kristin Bivens and Kamran Swanson from CAST who have organized the HWC FDW week.

Thanks to Michal Eskayo who served on the CCC FDW 216 Planning Committee.


Thank you Harold Washington College Summer Interns

Thank you Harold Washington College Interns who worked at our College this summer !

Jasmine Bryson – Human Resources working with Director of Human Resources, Valerie Goode

Jaime Vargas – Financial Aid working with Director of Financial Aid, Norberto Valentin and Assistant Director, Tenika Burns

Ariel Harris – Academic Affairs working with Director of Academic Support, Asif Wilson

Daniel Dantes – President’s Office working with President Margie Martyn and Director of Student Activities Angela Gurenica

We celebrated together on Wednesday, August 10th in the President’s gallery.


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