FC4 November Faculty Newsletter Features Harold Washington College

The FC4 President, Professor Jennifer Alexander shared a newsletter today that features Harold Washington College.  Read the newsletter here.

The November edition of the newsletter entitled “CCC Chronicle: Faculty Perspectives” covered Harold Washington College.  Professor Alexander thanked Professor Maria Kossakowski (MXC) and Professor Molly Turner (HWC) for conducting interviews and writing all of the articles in this edition.

Stories include The Holiday Art Sale, November FC4 Board Address, The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program with Lead Faculty member Professor Rashid Carter, One Book, One Chicago Project with Professor Judy Rivera Van Schagen, United Nations with Professor Ingrid Riedle, and some insight into upcoming Newletter editions.  Check it out and kudos to FC4 for their efforts!

HWC Participates in Healthy Campus Initiative

The White House is sponsoring an effort to get students across the country enrolled in healthcare.  They have started a “Healthy Campus Initiative” and Harold Washington College is a participating College.

We will have messages on the flat screen monitors, send emails to students, faculty and staff, and have tables on the second floor (Sponsored by the Wellness Center) with information and enrollment options.

See more information #JustGetCovered here.
harold-washington-college-participates-in-white-house-healthyImportant Dates:

December 10, 2016 National Youth Enrollment Day
December 15, 2016 The last date to enroll for coverage that starts January 1, 2017 and the final day that 2016 enrollees can change policies before being “auto-reenrolled” in their previous plan
December 16, 2016 Last day to share all activities your campus embarked on during the Healthy Campus Challenge to be considered in the lottery for Healthy Campus Challenge Day at the White House (reporting details coming soon)
December 31, 2016 The date when all 2016 Marketplace coverage ends, no matter when you enrolled
January 1, 2017 The date 2017 coverage can start if you enroll by December 15, 2016
January TBD Healthy Campus Challenge Day at the White House
January 15, 2017 The last date to enroll for coverage that starts February 1, 2017
January 31, 2017 Last day to enroll in 2017 coverage (coverage starts March 1, 2017)


Student/President Lunch and Chat

President Margie Martyn had lunch with Harold Washington College students on Friday, December 2, 2016 to learn more about their experience at HWC.  Students had many suggestions including:

  1. Help students afford textbooks
  2. Engage more students in extracurricular events
  3. Send motivational messages to students via email
  4. Increase opportunities for students to get healthy food on campus either free or at a discount
  5. Work towards having a student space available for students with comfortable furniture so that students want to stay on campus between classes
  6. Increase engagement in online classes
  7. Invite students to serve on important campus committees

Thank you Student Government Association for sponsoring the lunch!


Scholarship Opportunity for Child Development Students who Work in the Field

The Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant Education Reimbursement
Opportunity is coming!

This is chance for students to apply for funds to support continuing their education and working towards their next credential or degree during 2017. Students can apply for up to $503 per credit hour towards tuition and fees for coursework taken in Fall 2016 or Winter/Spring/Summer 2017. In addition, students can receive up to $1,000 to repay an outstanding debt to an Illinois college or university that is preventing them from enrolling in courses.

This offer will become available soon.
This is a limited time offer available from January 2017 through April 20, 2017.

Education Reimbursements are being offered to help:
• Preschool for All teacher assistants pursuing a degree that will lead to a Professional Educator License with a Bilingual or ESL Endorsement.
• Individuals pursuing a Gateways Infant Toddler Credential.
• Individuals who will make substantial progress toward a Credential or Degree by December of 2017.
• Individuals participating in a structured cohort sponsored by an institution or local collaboration.
• Eligible individuals in the groups above may also apply to eliminate debt at an Illinois college or university (e.g. unpaid tuition, unpaid fees, transcript fees, books, or other institution related expenses) to future enroll or attain transcripts.

Read more here.

Thank you to Professor Carrie Nepstad for sharing the information!

HWC Student, Daniel Dantes Interviewed by Telemundo Television

Harold Washington College Business student, Intern in the President’s Office, and Webmaster Assistant, Daniel Dantes, was interviewed on December 1, 2016 following the December Board Meeting.  You can see the interview at http://www.telemundochicago.com/noticias/local/Centros-de-Inmigrantes-en-Colegios-Comunitarios_TLMD—Chicago-404119496.html.


HWC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program Faculty Member Accolades

Professor Mark Yates, Business Faculty member in the credit program and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program was the highest rated instructor in the entire nation during the most recent Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses National Blended Cohort in Boston, MA. He taught Money and Metrics to over 100 entrepreneurs from across the nation, and received a standing ovation at the end of his class. Professor Yates will next help launch the 10KSB Pop-Up site in Baltimore, MD.  Thank you for Professor Rashid Carter, lead faculty member for 10,000 Small Business Program for sharing the big news!

HWC Student Celebrates Participation in HWC’s Business Club

HWC Business student, Evander Strong stopped by to share his success with me Friday.  Evander has been an active participant in the Business Club all semester and he has also volunteered in the Career Services Center as well. Thanks to Professor Bral Spight who is the faculty adviser for the HWC Business Club and to Director of Career Services, Gabe Razo for providing Evander great opportunities to grow his soft skills, business acumen and leadership skills!