AA@HWC – December 5, 2013

There have been a lot of exciting events as the semester comes to a close.  Kudos to the Professors  Matt Shevitz and Anthony Florez and all of the students who performed at the HWC Fall Ensemble Concert on Tuesday, December 3!

The 3rd annual  art sale is scheduled for December 11 and 12 at 10:00-6:30 PM in Room 102. http://ccc.edu/colleges/washington/events/Pages/Student-Art-Sale.aspx

The raffle is to generate money for an art scholarship. The Arturo Topete memorial Art Scholarship. Arturo passed away last spring.

Raffle items can be seen here! http://arturotopetescholarshipfundraiser.snack.ws/ Raffle tickets are available now in the room 822 (photo cage).

Professor Erica McCormack has just released an incredible resource, “Humanities Resource Guide to Chicago’s Cultural Institutions: A Starter Kit for HWC and CCC Faculty, Staff, and Students” and can be found at  http://humresourceguidehwc.weebly.com/ I have also linked it under “Academic Links” on the Quick Links page https://hwcollege.wordpress.com/quick-aa-links/

There was a nice article for HWC and the CCC Physics program from the most recent edition of the American Physical Society newsletter. http://www.aps.org/units/fed/newsletters/fall2013/upload/fall13.pdf The article is regarding a recent APS Committee on Education meeting hosted by HWC. The article mentions Professors Anthony Escuadro, Jaime Millan, and Phillip Vargas by name. Also attending the meeting were Profs. David Zoller (Olive Harvey) and Joshua Odalipo (Malcolm X), who deserve equal praise for their representation of CCC Physics. Read more here https://hwcollege.wordpress.com/faculty/faculty-service/

Adjunct Faculty member, Annette Elliot, from the Art and Architecture Department has  been invited to create a light projection in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as part of the 2013 Ghetto Biennale. http://www.art-agenda.com/shows/the-3rd-ghetto-biennale-2013/

Professor Farah Movahedzadeh was selected to appear on the University of Illinois at Chicago Web site. She is pictured in the Category 3 laboratory at the College of Pharmacy. http://www.uic.edu/pharmacy/research/Riback.php

Professor Paul Wandless was selected to present at the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) annual conference taking place in Milwaukee, WI March 19 –22, 2014.  His proposal was accepted for the Topical Discussions program and will cover teaching 2D and 3D Design courses.  Read more here https://hwcollege.wordpress.com/faculty/facutly-research-presentations-and-publications/

Check out the new Assessment Times for Students that was just released.  Assessment Times and Assessment Times for Students can be found at https://hwcollege.wordpress.com/assessment/assessment-times/

New guidelines for hiring outside speakers:
$1,000 is considered as a reasonable stipend to pay speakers, but does require a justification.
$1,000 – $2,000 will need a very strong rationale
Over $2,000 would be considered excessive and need an extraordinary justification.

Have a great weekend!


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