The Loop Players Bring 9 Circles on March 16

The Spring Loop Players production will be 9 Circles, opening March 16 2015 and bringing the talent and intensity we’ve come to expect from the group.

9 Circles opens with Private Daniel Edward Reeves being honorably discharged from the army after spending time in Iraq. He is eager to return to active duty but is told that his mental state disqualifies him from serving. After several months back in the United States, Reeves is charged with committing a horrible war crime during his tour and what follows is a descent into a maze of confusion, despair, and acceptance that mirrors Dante’s Inferno. Along the way, he encounters public defenders, preachers, psychiatrists, and commanding officers—all of whom challenge him to relive the crime and to come to grips with his own mental state, his actions, and the consequences.

Playwright Bill Cain is a Jesuit priest. When discussing the inspiration behind 9 Circles, Cain refers to his duty as a man of God, “‘I am a Jesuit priest who is supposed to find the presence of God everywhere and to celebrate it. . . I had read a story about a soldier who tried not to be a killer, but he was unable to change. Indeed, he had become baptized during his basic training so he wouldn’t have to kill’” (Israel). Moved by the story of Steven Dale Green and the crimes he committed in Iraq, Cain wrote 9 Circles to explore the heart and mind of a man who did unspeakable things while trapped in a war zone.

The Loop Players production, directed by Rachel Sledd Iannantuoni, features HWC students Jazmine Mazique and Damon Eubanks, as well as local Chicago actors Marshall Kious and Kathryn Haynes. Performances run March 16 thru 28 in Room 103. Student tickets $5, general admission $10, with special student-only tickets available March 16 and 17 for $3.


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