Paul Wandless publishes Image & Design Transfer Techniques

Professor Paul Wandless recently published a new book, Image & Design Transfer Techniques.  The book is available for purchase in many locations, including Ceramic Arts Daily.  Prof. Wandless wrote most of the content and edited other articles which are included.

Here is a summary (as published on Ceramic Arts Daily):

Image_Design_Transfer_Cover_300TFor many years, ceramic artists have used printmaking, drawing and photography to enhance the surfaces of their work. Using underglazes, slips, and glazes it’s entirely possible to take advantage many 2-D mediums to decorate both functional and sculptural work. Image & Design Transfer Techniques covers more than thirty techniques that can be used on greenware, bisqueware, and glazeware. You’ll discover ways to create and transfer images and designs using appliqué and paper transfers, decals, stencils, silkscreening, etching, stamping, embossing, and more.

Additionally, Paul will be joining the Board of Trustees for Penland School of Crafts. Its a very big honor to be asked to serve on this Board as it is one of the preeminent Art and Craft centers in the world.

Congratulations, Paul!


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