Student Art Exhibition Awards, a Joyful Event for a Talented Group

What at talented group of students we have the honor of teaching here at Harold Washington College.  Thank you to everyone in the Art Department for the love and dedication given to our students this year at the Student Art Exhibition and Awards.  It really was a JOYful event!

See the note below from Curator Jason Pallas and the list of Student Award Winners – imagery to follow at a later date:

… so great to see these students coming together as a community to support and celebrate one another!  I’m sharing the list of award winners below.  The six purchase awards will become part of the school’s Permanent Collection.  The Juror’s Choice (the Olive Harvey Model, which is at the very front of the show) will go on to live at Olive Harvey College. 
President’s Choice
Zach Proce, “Gannon Prologue”

Vice President’s Choice
Ornuma Panmunee, “A – Z Chicago”

Dean of Instruction’s Choice
Leslie Villagrana, “Aberration”

Dean of Student Services’ Choice
Leon Lopez, “Study of Jason”

Juror’s Choice
Josh MacWilliams
Naila Opiangah
Jonathan Hardy
“Olive Harvey Model”

Curator’s Choice
Jean Johnson, “Bird Feathers”

Honorable Mentions

Yadira Solis, “Open Your Eyes”
Daniel Sanchez, “Seashell Bowl”
Lauren Grudzien, “Lush”
Arturo Hidalgo, “Too Serious”
Emily Long, “Sleeping on Maps”
Angel Rodriguez, “Singularity”
Michael Lowe, “Piano Man”
Chloe Lewis, “G.U.R.L.Z.”
Betsy Carina, “Holey B”
Chloe Perkis, “WELP!”



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