New Technology Workshops for Faculty and Staff: Open Book, OneDrive, and Blackboard

Thank you to Vincent Wiggins, George Calisto and our OIT team for planning these trainings for our faculty and staff.  Be sure to reach out to Vincent with any questions.

If you can’t attend the trainings below, check out the remote tune-in options below.

Just in time Online Training

Open Book Training for Faculty:
George Calisto is providing training on using Open Book. The training is scheduled for Thursday, 6/11, in room 408 at 3:00 pm. The workshop will provide useful information on how to use Open Book for students and course related information. Please confirm with me if you would like to attend the workshop.

OneDrive Training:
OIT is providing workshops on OneDrive to assist individuals in gaining more information about the features in OneDrive. Please contact me if you would like to attend a workshop or to get assistance with specific questions you might have about OneDrive. The one hour workshops are in room 1046 at the following times:
· Thursday, June 4 – 11:30
· Monday, June 8 – 3:00
· Tuesday, June 9 – 2:30
· Wednesday, June 10 – 10:00

Blackboard Buddies:
OIT is looking for additional faculty to peer mentor other faculty on using Blackboard and other instructional technology at the college. It would be great to continue to have Blackboard Buddies to support faculty in using technology at the college. If you are interested, please let me know the best time you are available so that I can schedule a meeting in the near future; possibly Thursday, June 4.

Blackboard New Features Workshop:
During the summer and fall semester, OIT is offering training on the new features in Blackboard. An email with the specific dates will be sent out the first week of the summer semester.

Online Resources:
If you cannot attend a face-to-face workshop, please visit the online resources that also provide useful information on using CCC technology. I have attached the instructions on how to access the information on our Blackboard site.


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