Congratulations to New HWC Team Members & New Promotions

Dear HWC Community,

I am happy to share the following updates from the June Board Meeting:

New appointments/promotions:

Constance Grayson – College Clerical II from part-time. Constance works with the Child Development Associate credential program (Grant Funded) on the 11th Floor

Willie Tines – Engineer from Engineer Trainee

Helen Norwood – Janitor

Please congratulate our new and promoted colleagues!

Rank and Promotions were also made on this Board. They will be effective August 10, 2015.

From Instructor to Assistant Professor

Samar Ayesh

Andrew Aquino-Cutcher

Anthony Florez

Joseph Hinton

Rachel Iannantuoni

Michael Laymon

Erica McCormack

Megan Ritt

Sunny Serres

Assistant to Associate Professor

Jennifer Armendarez

Jessica Bader

Elisabeth Greer

Chao Lu

Christopher Sabino

Associate Professor to Professor

Matthew Shevitz

Congratulations Faculty!


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