Happy Holidays from Harold Washington College

Dear Students, Colleagues and Friends,

Each year, Harold Washington College’s Art and Architecture Department holds a contest for students to design our holiday card. Below, you will see the winning entry from Jessica Roman. Her Artist statement below highlights her unique perceptions and experiences which reminds me of the diversity of our students who come from so many different cultural backgrounds, neighborhoods and countries to study, learn and pursue their dreams at Harold Washington College. Students’ views expand and their love of learning ignites through their interactions with the HWC Community. This holiday season, I am especially thankful to be part of this wonderful learning community, and thankful to all of the faculty, staff and students who work so hard every day to make it a special place.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,

Margie Martyn
President, Harold Washington College


Happy Holidays from Harold Washington College

Holiday Card 2015.Jessica Roman

Artist Statement

Five Characters in Search of an Exit from The Twilight Zone is a strange episode of a show to draw inspiration from when drawing the image for this year’s card. However due to my misunderstanding of the English language watching this episode and show became a holiday tradition since I was younger. Although today I know it is a sad story of five toys unable to escape a donation barrel, when I was younger I related these characters to the many Mexican films I saw during the holidays. Many of the reoccurring characters I saw in these December specials were ballerinas, vagabonds  and clowns.  These are characters that I was exposed to most of my life and in this image I wanted to capture the charm that they evoke in my memories by drawing them in a whimsical setting.


  • Harold Washington Student, Jessica Roman

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