Thank you Dr. Keith McCoy

I had the opportunity to attend a service today (January 6, 2017) to celebrate the life of Dr. Keith Marcel McCoy. It was a service that made me cry and laugh but in the end left me inspired to do better, love more, and to make a bigger difference in the legacy of Dr. Keith McCoy. Family, friends and colleagues joined today to share memories of Keith.  Dr. Jose Aybar, President of Daley College shared remarks about his colleague who worked first with him at the District Office and then moved to Daley College with him. Family members, mentees, and others followed after.  Personally, I will remember Keith as a great colleague who welcomed me to CCC and was very willing to “show me the ropes” and include me in the CCC family.  Dr. McCoy made a huge impact in the lives of his family, friends, colleagues, and students.  His memory will live on in the scholarship fund started in his name to provide an opportunity for even more CCC students in the future!

— President Margie Martyn


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