CCC Partners with University of Illinois College of Pharmacy

A group of students, faculty and administrators met today at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois for Chicago to officially launch the pathway and partnership for CCC students to be admitted into the Doctor of Pharmacy Program.

The pathway is clear for students to follow and was a result of a collaboration of both the CCC and UIC Teams.

Attendees from UIC at the event today included UIC Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, Dr. Robert Barish, Dr. Jerry Bauman, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, and Dr. Tom TenHoeve, Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Attendees from City Colleges of Chicago included Executive Director for Transfer, Anne Brennan, HWC Transfer Director Ellen Goldberg, HWC College Advisor Anna Koomalsingh, Dr. Farah Movahedzadeh and President Margie Martyn.

Dr. Farah Movahedzadeh is a faculty member in the Biology Department at Harold Washington College, and she is also a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Tuberculosis Research and a Research Assistant Professor in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy at UIC.  She recently was awarded a grant from the Potts Memorial Foundation for a project named, “A Promising Target for Tuberculosis Chemotherapy.”  Dr. Farah has mentored many HWC students who have now been admitted to the PharmD program!

From left to right (President Margie Martyn, Dean Jerry Bauman, Dorina Idrizi, Dr. Farah Movahedzadeh, Professor of Biology at Harold Washington College Malayan Sovyak and Parth P. Shah, HWC Director of Transfer, Ellen Goldberg, President David Potash,  a Wright Student, and Dr. Benito Kalaw, Professor of Chemistry at Wright College)

  From left to right (HWC College Advisor Anna Koomalsingh, Olayinka Fadowole (SP’ 2014) HWC alumnus in PharmD program and Dr. Farah Movhaedzadeh)

From left to right (UIC Undegrad lab technician and Dr. Farah Movahedzadeh in her UIC lab)

From left to right -(President Margie Martyn and Dr. Farah Movahedzadeh in Dr. Farah’s UIC lab)


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