Updates from Professor Marcy Henry, Department of Humanities and Music

Professor Marcy Henry shared some great updates this weekend.  Professor Henry took some of her HWC students to see one of our HWC Alumni, Jackie Haas in a theater performance at The University of Illinois at Chicago.  Jackie is playing the guardian angel in the play Marisol by Jose Rivera.

Another of Professor Henry’s former students, Austin Damisi, recently released the first episode of an educational, non for profit, independent, web docuseries… “Faces In A Crowd: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories.” A collection of true stories highlighting the everyday lives of people in Chicago, celebrating the different and the unique.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e6Dm6hun48

Professor Henry has had a couple of poems published in World Haiku Review, and she has a story coming out in The Chaffey Review [out of CA] in May and she’ll be performing in The Red Rover Reading Series’ 100th reading on March 25th at Outer Space Studio. Thanks for sharing Professor Henry!

Department Chair, Matthew Shevitz also shared that Professor Jennifer Hasso had an art show “Indiana Jen” about archeology at Triton College this month.

Professor Shevitz also shared he has an article coming out in the May issue of DownBeat Magazine in its “Pro Session” section.  Thanks for sharing Professor Shevitz!


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