Communication Team Makes Progress

The communication team (George Calisto, Ainka Clepper, LaNisha Thomas, Kevin Woo, and Margie Martyn) met together during the Spring 2017 semester to see what they could do together to improve communication.

I want to publicly thank the communication team — they left their egos at the door and worked together and made some great progress!

  1. Developed an “Issues Log” where our community can view progress on current issues that have been brought forward during our community meetings.  The site has a password – which will be shared in our weekly Wednesday Community email. It can be found as a page on this blog (see pic below)
  2. Provided text for VP Sarrafian to add to the syllabus template so that faculty can provide information to students about SAP and academic standing.
  3. Decided that Q&A is an important aspect of our college-wide meetings and that it needs to be included with everyone understanding the ground rules.
  4.  Acknowledge the importance of having and events calendar so that all of the HWC community know what his happening on our campus. We are working on operationalizing that now.
  5. Agreed to continue the Communication Team because the team will review issues on the issue log, listen to our community and bring things foward and to ensure the HWC community that improving communication is a continual and incremental process.  Including a student voice is critical to the team’s success.

— President Margie Martyn


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