Open House at HWC a BIG Success!

Big thanks to all of the faculty, staff and students who participated in the Open House and thank you very much to the planning committee! Thanks to our school mascot the Phoenix for making the event extra fun! Finally, thanks for the HWC Jazz Ensemble for adding such great energy and Ambiance to the event!

Planning Committee:

Kim Bowens
Melissa Champs
Patricia Cuevas
Angela Guernica
Devon Powell
Amelia Tsang
Paul Thompson
Vincent Wiggins
Asif Wilson

I checked in with Recruiting this morning and we had 360 students in the morning and 76 in the evening.  The rooms were much more crowded than that because many students brought parents and other family members.

Melissa Champs shared our numbers from the past two year as a comparison:

FY 15 AM Spring Open House: 211
FY 16 AM Spring Open House: 150
FY 17 AM Spring Open House: 360

I took lots of pictures, but if you have more, send them to me and I’ll post here too!
Thanks so much again HWC community!

— President Margie Martyn


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