HWC Students Attending “A Conversation with President Obama and Young Leaders” on April 24, 2017

Harold Washington College students are thrilled to be able to attend this event with President Obama on Monday, April 24, 2017 at the University of Chicago.

Attendees will include some of the Student Government Executive Council, SGA general body, senators, and club members.

Big thanks to Katheryn Hayes, District Director-Communications, who helped us get the tickets this morning.  Kudos to Director of Student Activities, Angela Guernica, and SGA President Kevin Woo who mobilized to get student participants.

Students Athena Guizar and Samar Hasson were quoted in the article here

“I preach in my school that we are the next generation to change the world for the better and I have to practice what I preach because of that and he is somebody I look up to all the time,” said Samir Hassan of Harold Washington College. “He taught I think what I like to say is little brown girls like me that you know we can have a dream and you can be a certain color and certain race a certain gender and still have big dreams and aspirations,” said Athena Guizar, a Harold Washington College student.

— President Margie Martyn


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