Professor Riedle and UN Summit

 Professor Ingrid Riedle, Professor of Political Science shared a great update on the City Colleges and Columbia College UN Summit meeting which took place on Friday, April 21, 2017 from 12:00-1:30 in room 1115.

More pictures and videos can be found at this link:


The event was attended by Professor Riedle’s two International Relations sections, her American Foreign Policy class, along with the Modern Germany and the European Union class from Columbia College Chicago..  

Students represented 16 countries (China, Croatia, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Italy, Iran, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa UK, and the US) to negotiate treaties on the issues of: Nuclear Security, Refugee Rights, Equitable Education, and Global Food Security.

 It was very exciting and fulfilling to see how well students were prepared;  after much research, all throughout the semester, they knew about their countries’ specific challenges and demands, their political cultures, etc.. I was very impressed by how sincerely the delegates represented their countries.  Students learned a lot about each others’ countries, about global challenges, and about the difficulties of foreign policy making by means of this hands-on, student-centered role playing.

What a great event – Kudos Professor Riedle!


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