HWC Hosts CPS “Financially Fit in 2017” Conference

Kudos to Dean Paul Thompson and Associate Dean Adam Callery for working with the Chicago Public Schools to host the “Financially Fit in 2017” Conference at Harold Washington College on May 12, 2017.
300 students from Chicago Public Schools attended and were greeted by the City of Chicago Treasurer, Kurt Summers.

Dean Thompson and Associate Dean Callery taught a session called “Cell Phone Empire” where students were given the opportunity to design and build a prototype product and calculate the approximate profit for the creation. I asked 10 students at the end which session they liked and 9/10 said that they liked this session best!

At the end, I shared the scoop about Harold Washington College and the other City Colleges locations and encouraged students to come to HWC to start their college careers. In addition I spoke about the STAR scholarship program where CPS students who have a 3.0 can attend CCC free (including books).  Students loved to hear that great news!

— President Margie Martyn



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