Accreditation Visits

Higher Learning Commission Reauthorization Visit – October 1-2, 2018

HWC is on the Open Pathway.
HLC Steering Committee:
Armen Sarrafian (Vice President and Chief Academic Officer)
George Calisto (Assistant Director of Research)
Michael Heathfield (Professor and Co-Department Chair for Social and Applied Sciences)
Kent Lusk (Executive Director of Business Office)
Wendell Blair (Dean of Student Services)
Rosie Banks (Professor in English)
Carrie Nepstad Professor in Child Development-Applied Sciences)
Phillip Vargas (Professor in Physical Sciences)
Erica McCormack (Professor in Humanities)
Uletta Jackson (Professor in Biology)

Criterion Coordinators:
Jennifer Asimow (Criterion One Coordinator)
Kristin Bivens (Criterion Two Coordinator)
LaNisha Thomas and Asif Wilson (Criterion Three Co-Coordinators)
Allan Wilson (Criterion Four Coordinator)
Nick Ceh and Lauresha Mala (Criterion Five Co-Coordinators)


Past Visits

NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) Sept. 29 – October 2

Higher Learning Commission – Substantive Change for Distance Education Visit (November 11 and 12)



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